Joni Lost 94 Pounds!


I have had a long battle with my weight. I avoided dieting because I knew I wouldn’t be successful. I avoided the scales because I didn’t want toknow how much I weighed let alone anyone else. I was very ashamed of my weight but didn’t have enough courage to do anything about it. It was easier just to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. I lost 60 pounds in one year in 1989 and kept it off for about four years but slowly the weight came back on and I kept gaining. I told myself I would never go thorugh that torture again and didn’t until I heard about Dr. Gray’s weight loss program.

My husband was actually the one that wanted to try the program but he said he would not be able to do it without me doing it as well. He is a truck driver and is gone all week so I decided I would do the program on the weekends when he was home and during the week, do my own thing. We started the program on October 12, 2008. The first couple of weeks I did as planned, but when I started to lose weight, I realized this was not like the past diet. Dr. Gray educated me on how to eat healthier and also how to exercise to help with the weight loss. It has been so much easier this time to lose weight. I have now lost 94 pounds!
Before I lost the weight, I felt tired all the time and couldn’t get up and down without needing something to hold on to. I would avoid shopping for clothes as much as possible because I would get so depressed when nothing would fit or it would look terrible on me. I avoided clothes that would make people notice me. Now, I have so much energy and I don’t have that exhausted feeling anymore. I can now go to any given shop and the clothes fit!!! It feels good to have fun clothes now. I feel so much better!